Social Ministry Board

Esther Abdel-Hameed, Co-Chair
Abby Bostian, Co-Chair
Toni Hagerman, Council Liaison


Super Sandwich News!!  Social Ministry has transitioned from Grab & Go bags back into slapping together our beloved egg salad sandwiches for Roof Above. With this fresh start, we’d like to involve as many interested Advent members as possible. Tasks are varied: there will be something that is the perfect fit for you! Read on for the tasks and requirements.
Sandwich Makers must be available on Tuesdays at 3pm for approximately one hour of work while standing.
Deliverers must be able to take sandwiches to Roof Above in uptown Charlotte on Wednesday mornings between 8-10am. 
Bread Buyers can purchase several days ahead. 
Condiment Buyers can purchase ahead and place the mayo, mustard, and relish in the kitchen refrigerator. 
Egg Buyers can pick up eggs ahead as long as strict attention to the date of the product is followed. Currently we purchase 10-lb containers of boiled peeled eggs at Chef Central, located near the corner of Eastway Drive & Central Avenue. All purchases mentioned above can be reimbursed!  

We are looking forward to maintaining this long-time tradition that meets the hunger needs of our community. Won’t you get on the calendar to be a part of this ministry? We will supply you with all the needed details. Another way to help is by directing financial contributions to Sandwich Making Ministry or adding a few bucks to the Little Red Man on the Gathering Space table. 

If you are interested in any of the above jobs – listed in bold print – please contact Debra Efird at or text at 980-621-1283. 
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