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July 25, 2021 – The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost


Worship Service – 10 am 

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Advent Children’s Corner

S.A.L.T.Y. Sundays 6th-12th Grade 1st and 3rd Sunday’s 4:00pm via Zoom 

SALTY Sunday 2020 (click here)

Godly Play Video


Robinsdale May Celebration a Sweet Success!

Tiger’s Blood snow cones, Nutty Buddies, Pop Ups, Jolly Rancher Bomb Pops, and more from Buck’s Ice Cream Truck! Plus giant Zenga, sidewalk chalk, crafts and treat bags. What could be better on a warm May afternoon with our friends at Robinsdale!

Thank you, Advent! Our May Celebration was a “sweet” success. We saw beautiful chalk drawings on the basketball court, Zenga competition with the loud laughing “no” when the pieces fell and learned of college and academic successes from some of “our kids.”

Everyone had their selection of an ice cream treat (and sometimes two) and your donations almost to the dollar paid for the treats. A big thanks to the volunteers who showed up to chat, to help with ice cream choices and Mothers’ Day jewelry boxes, and to fill treat bags with blow-ups, snacks, and fun. And Sharon Thrower, thank you for pulling it all together!

Advent and the Social Ministry Board have an ongoing relationship with the Robinsdale community and enjoy seeing our friends during these fun events.

Meditation Time!

We hear some themes repeated in scripture, like God calling to us from the text. As two of our groups have studied Isaiah, we have heard God speaking the following to us”

The meditation link below is a compilation of verses from Isaiah as well as other places in scripture that highlight these themes. Find a comfortable spot and five minutes to listen to these words from God – we hope it will bless your day and your heart.

Click here for Isaiah 48-52 Meditation

Sunday, July 18, 2021 – Installation of the 2021-2022 Church Council

Notice – Critical Work in the Sanctuary

Property has asked us to communicate to you that some critical work is going on in the sanctuary. Please do not enter the sanctuary unless you are there for official business. This should last several weeks. Refinishing of the chancel has begun but there is a problem with completing the work because of a high humidity problem in the sanctuary. Work is underway to resolve that issue so the refinishing work can be completed but at this time, every time the doors are opened, it causes the level of humidity to increase. The first coat of refinish is on the chancel but it is not dry; therefore anyone who does have official business in the sanctuary should not touch the chancel and definitely not walk on it. As soon as the humidity issue is resolved and the refinishing is complete and dry, replacement of the carpet will begin.
We anticipate completion of all this work by around July 19th. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

Our Neighbors’ Plate

A group of folks from all walks of Advent life and Niners United Campus Ministry have come together to try to address the food insecurity that is in our community. As you know, we started a Little Free Pantry last year when Covid 19 began wreaking havoc on the economy. This pantry continues to serve our area today with members refilling the pantry multiple times each week. Inspired to use our kitchen to bring another layer of assistance, we have formed Our Neighbors’ Plate. We have been providing healthy and delicious take-out meals to our neighbors each Thursday from 6:00-7:00. 

Would you like to help? Contact Carol Schierlmann at and she can advise what our needs are for the rest of the summer. We will have a new Sign Up Genius for the fall soon so stay tuned!

As we plan for where this ministry may lead us, if you know someone in a corporation that might want to sponsor this kind of work or someone who might be able to point us to a grant, please contact Carol Schierlmann at


Our Little Free Pantry has become immensely popular for both our neighbors in the College Downs neighborhood and for our members.  Sharon Thrower has agreed to be the Social Ministry Board lead person for our pantry.  If you have questions or ideas about the pantry, including donations and how to become more involved, feel free to contact her at  Our Little Free Pantry is located on Bonnie Lane in the side yard of the Wubben-Smith House.

An Amazon Wish List has also been set up for those who would like to purchase items for the Little Free Pantry and our Advent Food Pantry.  Because of delivery issues at the church, it has been set up for the items to be shipped to Sharon Thrower’s address; however you MUST select the shipping option that says “Sharon Thrower’s Gift Registry Address”.   Many items have been set up in the wish list and will be used to stock Advent’s Pantry.  You may click here to go directly to the Amazon page to order.

Advent’s Call For Social Justice


Our Racial Justice Teams have been busy! Classes & book studies are underway. Civic Action has changed its name to Racial Equity Action Partners (REAP) and Pastor Ward is reaching out to churches in our area to form partnerships. See our Racial Justice Page for more details. If you would like to join a team, contact Carol Schierlmann at There will be links on the member dashboard for upcoming meetings which are open to all. 


Our Community

Welcome to the Advent Lutheran Church online community.  We are so happy you have found our spot on the web! You can join us for worship in person or online. During July, we will worship in the fellowship hall to allow for greater social distancing; August 8th we plan to return to the sanctuary. We will continue to stream services for those who are not yet ready to gather in groups. Links to Sunday worship will be posted here to our YouTube channel each week at 9:40.  

You will note a newly invigorated focus on racial and social justice work inspired by our shared desire to do a better job using our voices and our resources in this area.  Check out our page under the Outreach & Support tab to learn all the ways you can get informed and pug in to make a difference.

Keep checking back for new content and let us know if there is something you would like to see or hear from us by sending suggestions to with the email subject “Suggestion for Content”.

Meet Our Pastor


I never imagined being ordained (I’m sure it was a shock to many others, too!), much less serving as a pastor at Advent for almost 13 years!  But, now I can’t imagine being anywhere. This congregation has watched me grow as a pastor and extended much grace to me when I’ve completely dropped the ball. We have celebrated together when goals have been attained. They have loved me in the midst of the ups and downs of life. And I hope that I’ve shared as much grace and love with them as I have experienced.

Read More About Our Pastor

Advent is blessed to have the liturgical art of Ernst Schwidder in our sanctuary. These three pieces, the reredos, altar and pulpit, are beautiful pieces that add to our worship each week. His mahogany wood sculpting is easily recognizable for its long, lean, flowing lines, as well as for its idiosyncratic uppercase lettering of Scripture passages. In the craft of an artist, Schwidder did not intend to produce lifelike images, but to design through wood carving and other media visual theological truth apropos to the church setting and ministry in which his work had been commissioned.

The body of Jesus on this cross is not dying – it is the risen Christ. His hands indicate a servant posture as he returns to serve the world, which is reflected in the circle behind the cross. The clouds at the top of the circle show Jesus “coming on the clouds” – this proclaims Jesus as the bridge between heaven and earth. There are 8 stars. The center star is the “morning star” from Revelation 2:28 heralding the dawn and representing resurrection. The other seven stars represent the Christian churches in Asian Minor from Revelation. As John was instructed to write to these churches, we ponder what John would have to write about Advent today as we strive to live into the light and love of the resurrected Christ.

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