Advent Lutheran Church

Love God, Serve Neighbor

At Advent, we take relationships very seriously. As part of our member commitment, we promise to have spiritual relationships with others within our congregation as well as inviting others into a Christian life, providing care for one another, being accountable to one another and becoming actively involved in ministries at Advent.

New members sponsors commit to walk with new members throughout their first year. This commitment is intended to help new members acclimate into the life of the Advent community.

As disciples of Jesus Christ at Advent LC, we commit to:
  • Worship regularly
  • Give a specific percentage of annual income for God’s work
  • Participate in at least one Outreach Ministry within the congregation
  • Participate regularly in Spiritual Development
  • Be in Spiritual friendships
  • Pray daily

We are committed to love, support and guide you through the journey of discipleship. 

Interested in learning more about Advent or becoming a member, contact our
church administrator, who can put you in contact with the correct person.